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Given below is our privacy policy, which informs you our customer, of how we process, handle, and protect the information, you submit to us, as our customer, during the placing, of your orders on our website and thereafter.

Our website is a PCI DSS compliant website, certified by Trustwave, click on the seal to verify

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How we protect Emails, Address and Phone numbers

1) We do not resale, or share, the information, you submit on our website, with any third party or organization, your privacy is respected and information provided to us, is protected.

2) We do not share your email address, with any third party, or send you an email, unless it is related, to the processing of your order or later, regarding an exchange, return or store credit.

3) We may send out emails to all our customers, to inform them of important matters, related to our website or business, but no more then three times in a calendar year

How we protect your credit card and order information

1) We do not store any credit card or order information on our secure website servers, all order and payment related information is downloaded, to our physical location via secure connections and completely deleted from the website, within a few hours.

2) Information regarding our customers who choose to Login with an username and Id is stored in a secure location on the website, in any case this does not include the payment information., If you create an account to login to the website, your Address, phone numbers and email address, are input on the order forms, automatically, you still have to manually input the payment information, each time, you wish to make a purchase on our website.

3) We use 256 bit SSL (Secure socket layer) to transmit and receive all Payment information, our Secure certificate is issued by

How we process orders and payment

1) We download all order and related payment information via secure transmissions, once downloaded, we delete all payment information related to the order, from our web server, within hours.

2) We verify all orders, and their related information, including Phone numbers, Street and I.P. addresses etc. for the security of all our customers, and verify that the person, who placed the order, is indeed the person, that is the authorized account holder of the card account and is responsible for the payment.

3) We may call you, regarding your order, in rare cases, if we feel it necessary to verbally verify the order, with you or get specific information, from you that may have been input incorrectly on the order form.

4) We do store all copies of invoices, physically and digitally, for accounting and legal purposes. We do not store, archive or download the CVV2 Numbers on the credit card accounts, to protect your privacy and Identity related to the card account.