How long does it take to receive the order ? 

We Only ship within the USA. We offer  Free shipping for all orders above $ 49.00 orders below $49.00 are charged a flat fee of  $10.00 all over the USA. Orders takes three to five business days to receive. Orders are shipped the same day, if received before 5:00 P.M.  eastern time on a business day.  We also ship overnight or next business day Fed Ex for a flat fee of $45.00 per order. A tracking email is sent to all orders, late evening, when the orders are shipped. You may also check the status of your order Online on our site at ORDER STATUS by providing your Billing email address and zip code. Please note that a P.O. box number address is okay for your billing address, but we will not ship to P.O. box address, we require a street address for all our shipments and an adult person taking delivery has to sign for the package. You may place your order at  our secure Web store starting at the STOREFRONT

What type of boxes are used for shipping the Jewelry? How is the Jewelry Packaged?

All Gold Jewelry is cleaned, and checked for imperfections, before being placed in good quality Jewelry boxes, wrapped in bubble wrap, and then made ready for shipping, an invoice with details of the Jewelry is enclosed in each package, utmost care is taken to see that the jewelry does not get damaged, an image showing a few examples of the type of jewelry boxes is given here Jewelry Boxes are Red, maroon or brown on the outside with all white inside.

Please note, In some cases non-gold jewelry, silver jewelry, beads, miscellaneous items etc. may be shipped in cardboard boxes.

Is you site secure enough for me to order Online?

Site security:

Our site is secure for Online ordering, we are protected by Sectigo SSL certificate that provide up to 256 bit encryption, thereby offering the highest level of encryption and security possible, for all transactions, additionally we protect all our customers, by deleting all payment data from our servers as soon as we retrieve the orders, to verify the certificate click on the graphic below.

How do I order from your website... ?

If you need instructions on how to place the order, they are given below:

To order is very simple, for every item displayed, there is a 'Add to cart' button, click on the button and the item will be added to your cart, once you have items, in your cart, click on shopping cart, and click on checkout, on the next page, input your billing and shipping information and continue, on the next page choose your shipping option and your payment option You can pay using Visa, Master Card, American Express, Amazon Pay and PayPal, Choose your payment option and Continue, on the next final page input your credit card information and click on complete your order, your order will be submitted, in a few seconds you will see confirmation of your order.

what mode of payments do you accept...?

Credit Card and Payment Information: Payment options at  

You may pay by credit card on our secured server, we accept Visa, Master-card, Discover, American Express, Amazon Pay and Pay Pal. Credit cards or Payment accounts are just authorized only, they are charged when your order is processed and ready to ship. Please note, we do not accept any other mode of payment, please do not mail us checks or money orders.

Can I use a P.O. Box address as my shipping address ... ?

Sorry, we do not ship to P.O. Box addresses, as we require each package to be signed by the recipient of  the package

Can I use a P.O. Box address as my Billing  address ... ?

Yes, you may use a P.O. Box as your billing address, if the given P.O. Box and its street address is registered with your credit card processor bank.

Do you accept phone orders, can we call in to place orders?

No, we do not accept phone orders, all orders have to be placed Online, on our secure server.

Do you accept orders, to custom design or made to order, gold Jewelry?

No, we do not accept orders to make custom designed gold Jewelry.

Do you accept orders, from outside the USA to be shipped within the USA

Sorry, no, Orders have to be placed from within USA and can only be shipped within USA

Cancellation of orders:

We reserve the right to cancel any order/s, for any of the reasons given below:

1) If we receive multiple orders for a single item,  and the item is sold out or not in stock anymore.

2) If the order information does not meet our valid credit card security guidelines

3) If there is an error in the pricing of any item during the posting of that item on the web site.

Privacy Policy:: Given at the below location

Privacy Policy: Gold Palace Jewelers Inc.

Why can I not find a item that was there on the web site before..?

The items that are listed on the web store are always in stock, we remove the items as soon as they are sold out, if you do not see the item, it is sold out, please look for a similar or other item in the respective category. Each product has a Category link, which when clicked,  shows you all products that belong to that specific category.

Why can you not reorder the item or mail me a catalog... ?

Most of the jewelry we sell is hand made and imported from various parts of the world, the designs are one of a kind, the designs keep on changing, so to reorder a particular item would take a long time, and for the same reason we do not maintain a catalog in print, or accept custom orders, or confirm dates, as to when we would receive that item again,  we however have more than 3800 items Online at our  web site, all of which are in stock, ready to ship the same or next day, all items that  are  sold out are removed within a few hours from the web site. New items are posted on  the web site everyday, you may enter the store here  If you wish to see the new items added daily in an assorted order with the most recent at the top you may visit here


Where do you get all your jewelry from ... ?

Most of the jewelry we sell is imported from various places around the world including various parts of India, middle-east and far east.


What is the purity of the gold you sell... ?...and is it very soft to wear ?

The gold items we sell are 22 karat in purity, which is 91.6 percent gold in any metal, although the diamond jewelry is finished in 18 karat gold which is 75.0 percent gold in any metal, there is also some gold jewelry which is made in 21k, 18k or 14k gold purity. Please read the individual product descriptions for specific details. The lower karat i.e. 18k is mostly used for diamond jewelry to maintain the hardness in metal so the stones can be more securely held in the gold casings. For more information regarding the Gold, Gold Jewelry and composition of Gold you may visit here

 The jewelry made from 22 karat gold is soft enough, but will not damage or bend when worn, please note that jewelry of any karat does not damage by wearing it on the body, but does so by storing it unsafely, 22 karat jewelry if stored properly can, last for years. Gold jewelry made in 22k purity, has be worn for generations in India, China, far east, middle east, most of Africa and many other parts of the world.
We have been selling 22kt gold jewelry for the past many years as a retail outlet and have been selling Online since 1996 to our customers,Online, many of whom had never worn or seen 22kt gold jewelry, many of them have become our loyal customers, during the past years, please read some of their testimonials.

How do I find the correct size for my bangle or finger ring and measurement conversion charts ?

Please visit:

Measurement conversion charts: Millimeters to inches

What is your exchange policy ?  Can I not get a refund on my credit card?

Purchase done on our website can be returned or exchanged for up to 30 days, from the date you receive them. Please note that nose pins or nose rings are the only items, that are not allowed to be exchanged or returned due to health concerns.

Further information and instructions for Exchanges or Returns is given at the below location

Exchange and Returns

I do not want an invoice to be included with my order, what should I do ?

If you do not want us to include an Invoice with your order, type in your request in the instruction box at checkout or later after you place the order  Inform us here  with your order number and we will ship your order with just a packing slip to the shipping address, if requested in the email, we will email you a copy of your invoice to your billing email address.

How do I convert from millimeter 'mm' to Inches?

To get the conversion you may visit - Conversion from Millimeters to Inches

Why has the price on the product code I bought gone up or down?

We change the prices for various reasons, the pictures are same, but the weight of the gold differs,  e.g. a earring may weigh 1.0 grams, then it gets sold out, the other batch we receive may be 0.8 grams, so we reduce the price accordingly to compensate for the lesser weight.,

    The reason we do this, is so we are fair to all our customers. Bulk changes to the prices are also made when the gold prices go up or down by more than $ 30.00 or more per troy Oz.

We also reduce bulk prices, yearly in various categories, for various reasons, as our sales go up, manufacturing costs go down,  so we can offer the most competitive prices to all our customers.

Yes, we do have a physical store location, most items available on the web site are available at our physical location,  if you visit us at the store to make a purchase for  a particular  item, please note the code number of the item you wish to purchase, from the web site, so it is easy to locate for us, when you visit us. Please note the policies for our physical store are not the same as Online. Items purchased Online cannot be exchanged or returned at our physical store, if you have further questions, information is given at the below location.

Physical store location and contact information is given here

Yes, we will be able to repair any jewelry bought from us,  in most cases, unless it is damaged beyond repair i.e. crushed or bent or if a complete part of the jewelry is missing.  Please note that there may be a nominal charge for repairs, plus the shipping charges,  in case you ship it to us for repairs, most repairs can be done within a week.  If you decide to ship it to us for repairs, please include your Name and phone number or customer ID number, so we will be able to accesses you r account or contact you, if required.

Sorry, we do not sell wholesale or offer discounts on purchases. All prices are final, Current Promotion and Coupon codes are given Online We are unable  to  offer further discounts, the prices we offer are very competitive, considering the quality, service and Free Shipping we offer for all orders above $ 200.00. we wish to be fair to thousands of our customers, who have been buying from us Online since 1996  and feel that all our customers should pay uniform prices for all purchases made from our web site, when they wish to make their  purchases.

We ship only within the USA Some of the reasons we do not ship outside the USA are given below
1) Expensive shipping and Insurance
2) Bank verification is not available for many countries
3) In case there is an exchange or return the shipping and insurance expense becomes, too much for  the customer to bear
4) Most countries have unique custom laws, custom regulations, that require extra documentation, plus there are many more reasons,  but if we do change our shipping policies, in the future, we will post them on the web site.

True white gold is only possible to make in 18k gold or lower, as at least 25 percent white metal alloy would have to be added  to make the gold completely white, from its current yellow color, which would make the gold content 75 percent or 18 karat purity. The 22kt gold hand-made jewelry you see as white,  is basically  22k gold jewelry dipped in a liquid, composed  of white metal's alloy, which may wear off, over a period of time, to show the yellow gold, beneath the surface, the time factor may vary from a few months to a few years, depending on the type of process used to coat the finish and may also depend on the designing of the jewelry.


18k gold is  harder than the 22k gold, softness in the metal is required to make the very fine filigree designs..

why is 18k white Gold Jewelry more expensive than 22k Gold Jewelry ?

The 25 percent alloy required to make the gold white is composed of expensive white metals like Platinum and Rhodium the cost of the alloy makes the process of making the 18k white gold more expensive and this in turn makes the jewelry expensive.

What are the different finishes used in the Gold Jewelry, and what are they?

Many different type of finishes are used to enhance the gold jewelry, like two-tone finish, white gold finish, enamel color, hand color, copper finish, antique finish, oxidized finish etc. all of these are used only on the surface, like paint or polish, underneath these finishes, it is all solid 22k gold metal.

The stones used in the gold jewelry are sold by the carats, (carat is the measure to weigh the weight of stones) 1 carat is equal to about 1/5 of a gram in weight, so 1 gram of stones would equal 5 times the price of the gold, even the most inferior stones cost at least about $ 15.00 to $ 20.00 per carat. which would work out to about $ 75.00 to $ 100.00 per gram for the stones. Additionally the time and labor to set the stones individually, and sorting of similar color shade and sizes in the, stones also adds to the price of the finished stone jewelry product.