All about Jewelry made from Gold and Silver

The World’s most popular Jewelry is made from the metals Gold and Silver, mixed with other metals or alloys, depending on the percentage of these metals used, defines the karat of that particular jewelry.
24 karat is 999.9 parts in a 1000 parts or 99.9 percent of pure Gold, 22 karats is 916 in 1000 parts or 91.6 percent of pure gold, 18k is .750 or 75 percent of pure gold etc. Other metals are added to Gold and Silver to give hardness to the metal when making jewelry, as both metals are soft in their original forms.
Silver as a metal for jewelry is inexpensive compared to Gold because Silver Tarnishes and Gold does not. Tarnish or tarnishing occurs when silver comes in contact with oxygen and some other nonmetallic compounds, this may happen over some time, it appears like a coating, over the silver jewelry, which dulls the finish and makes the silver appear darker. In some cases Silver jewelry is also plated with Rhodium or other elements to resist tarnishing.
Tarnish can be removed from silver jewelry in most cases by cleaning with silver jewelry cleaners or tarnish removers, easily available locally.
Silver jewelry which is 92.5 percent pure silver is marked as sterling silver or standard silver, silver is slightly harder than gold.
Gold and silver are embedded with precious and semi-precious stones, to beautify and enhance its value, stones used are Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, sapphire etc. termed precious stones and Corals, Jade, Garnet etc. termed as semi-precious stones.
Precious stone jewelry is more expensive, compare to plain gold or silver jewelry, because of the value of the stones. Stones are weighted in carats (not to be confused with Karats, which represents the purity of the percentage of metal used in making of that jewelry)
A carat is equal to 200 milligrams or 1/5th of a gram, so a mass of 1 gram is equal to 5 carats
When stones are embedded in jewelry a mass of 1 gram of gold or silver would be equal to 5 carats of stones, which would make the stone embedded jewelry much more expensive.
Bullion is a term used to describe precious metals like Platinum, Gold, and Silver etc. in its raw form, made and sold as bars, coins or ingots. Bullion prices vary daily as it is traded in the commodity markets; it is bought as an investment on the trading front or in use as raw material for manufacture or use in different type of productions, including jewelry
Jewelry prices are dependent on a lot of factors, the karat of the metal used, price of raw material the workmanship and materials for alloys, finishes, stones etc., the time involved by the manufacturer in making and shipping of the product, the minimum quantity to be ordered by the manufacturer, when made abroad, duties, taxes etc. These factors add a 90 day time and expenses cycle between the bullion trading prices and jewelry prices. This causes delay in updating the jewelry prices with bullion prices.